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Filmmaker . Director .


​A lot of the inspiration that I use to create my films is from past experiences in life. I like to make narrative films that consists of comedy, action horror and drama. I’m committed to making an audience laugh, smile, or feel some type of emotion after watching my films. As a filmmaker, I make meaningful narrative films with powerful hidden messages. I use music as a way to engage an audience or to help fit the mood of my films.

​I have learned a lot about cinema and film production while attending Northern Virginia Community College. I’ve became dedicated to exploring different techniques of filmmaking such as lighting, shot composition, camera movement, editing and sound. The Marxist theory and French New Wave have been the most influential film theories in which I use for most of my projects.

​I have over 2 years of employment experience working as a videographer. I have filmed over 50 depositions and marketing videos for various law firms. I have worked with interesting clients such as Mark Zuckerburg and Ellon Musk though this job. I currently have my own production company Phurred Productions. It has helped me gain a creative approach with my projects.  I like to collaborate with other filmmakers and students to come up with some amazing project ideas. I like directing my projects because I like to explore different visual angles to help tell an interesting story. I also like to work with inexperienced or low budget actors because I like to showcase their hidden talents.

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